ENGIE main player at the Re-source event 2021

ENGIE was a strategic partner of the RE-Source event in Amsterdam, the European platform for corporate renewable energy sourcing, from 14 to 15 October 2021 and supported by Wind Europe, SolarPowerEurope, WBCSD – World Business Council for Sustainable Development and CDP.
Re-Source 2021 | ENGIE Global Energy Management

The RE-Source Event is the annual gathering of corporate buyers and clean energy suppliers, where existing challenges are tackled and future solutions are born. As every year, ENGIE Global Energy Management presented experts on various energy-related topics during panel discussions and workshops:

  • Jérôme Malka for the “Will supply meet demand?” topic: In this session, representatives from energy-intensive companies and renewable electricity providers discussed the challenges of securing the large volumes of renewable electricity required, innovative solutions, new business models, and what we can expect in the future as the industry works to reduce its carbon footprint.
    👉 Replay: https://vimeo.com/637062097

  • Sébastien de Menten with the topic “A timely match: Moving towards 24/7 renewable electricity sourcing (workshop)”: The objective of this interactive workshop was to discuss with key stakeholders the steps are required to move to more granular accounting of renewables over a timeframe of one hour or less. The main building blocks were covered: flexibility, data for 24/7 matching and measurement, metrics and certificates. 
  • Sarah Drevermann with the interesting topic “Let's talk: GOs (workshop)”: This session built on the foundation established in the joint Guarantees of Origin report at RE-Source 2021 by RE-Source and RECS International, exploring the need and motivation for GOs and explaining the GO market. Expert speakers also presented the most common procurement models, from unbundled GOs to PPAs to 24/7 matching, including analyses of the complexities and potential impacts of each model. 
  • Ralf Bernhard for "National Market Deep Dives - Western Europe, Germany and Ireland": ​It is important to understand nuances in renewable energy markets at the national level and the latest developments in corporate sourcing. Our expert Ralf, among other experts, provided an overview of the market, including information on challenges, investment and corporate sourcingtrends, how Fit For 55 will play out on a national level, and more.
    👉 https://vimeo.com/623562440

Thanks to our experts for their contribution to this global event.
Their knowledge was highlighted as well as ENGIE’s expertise in renewable energy towards a Net Zero carbon world.

ENGIE is committed to a neutral carbon future with an ambitious target: to reach Net Zero carbon by 2045. We have a key role to play in the global shift towards sustainable energy sources.