Strategic acquisition opens new chapter for energy efficiency services

We have bolstered our energy transition services by acquiring three companies from the EFFY Group: CertiNergy and CN Solutions in France, and CertiNergia in Italy. These pioneers of the Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) scheme and energy efficiency business will be valuable to ENGIE’s Giant customers, B2B customers and local authorities.

These companies join the fold of ENGIE in the Global Energy Management Business Unit and Entreprises & Collectivités, serving Giants customers on a global scale and the French and Italian B2B segment with natural gas, electricity and green energy services. Their expertise in ESCs will further enable corporate clients, public institutions, trustees and local authority landlords to finance energy efficient projects. These offers will first be developed in France and Italy.

Clients will benefit from the most competitive technical and financial solutions to reduce their energy consumption, without compromising on comfort or performance. The acquisition carries promising developments for large electricity customers who are progressively becoming eligible to participate in the scheme. ENGIE will explore ways of combining ESC-based services with its existing energy management solutions, for instance by complementing Demand response and/or Power Purchase Agreements with the financing of energy efficiency solutions.

By strengthening its capacity to support clients implementing energy efficiency in their buildings,  ENGIE takes a new step forward in the energy transition.