Large industrial players require natural gas for a wide variety of reasons. This can be for on-site energy generation, or because natural gas is part of their activities’ raw materials. In all cases, these players need a mix of global and local solutions to ensure competitive and dependable supply over the long term. Our entire historical expertise is articulated around meeting these key parameters on a global scale.

Key issues

Competitive and reliable gas supply requires a holistic approach, as it deals with heavy industrial projects, complex, geopolitical stakes, and environmental impacts.

All along the energy chain, players need partners who ensure gas remains competitive compared to other energy sources, in a general context of price volatility.

For all consumers, it is crucial to guarantee supply under all conditions -including cold spells, supplier failures, infrastructure "force majeure", etc.

Consumers also need a partner capable of accommodating the highly volatile nature of energy demand.

Our solutions 

  • Trust a world leader in gas supply and infrastructure with a historic footprint in Europe and a global reach. Our wide-ranging physical and financial capabilities enable us to continuously seek new sources of supply upstream, leveraging on our infrastructures as well. Our core business has long been the design and negotiation of short- to long-term supply contracts with the world’s largest producers, as well as unique off-take agreements to secure producer flows and our clients’ supply.

  • Benefit from the security of diverse supply. Our wide portfolio of suppliers, supply routes and supply contracts is designed to fit an equally varied range of needs downstream. Ensuring security and diversity of supply is key to our mission, and we contribute to market liquidity wherever possible for the benefit of our clients and energy markets at large. Our gas supply portfolio is supplied from regions including Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe as well as North Africa, the Middle East and more.

  • Optimize your gas supply and consumption at the source. We apply our portfolio management know-how to optimize a diversified portfolio of sourcing contracts and constantly refine our organizational management to extract ever-more value from gas assets on your behalf.

  • Rely on stable supply in all circumstances. Gas supply and consumption are intimately tied to weather conditions, and adverse weather events can sometimes fragilize supply and negatively affect prices. We provide our clients security in such circumstances, not just thanks to our strong infrastructure and diversified supply, but also with cutting-edge solutions like WeatherFlex.

  • Gain direct access to ENGIE expertise and tools. To ensure our offers meet our clients’ needs as closely as possible, we developed several tools that put our services at your fingertips. Among them are a series of commercial customizable e-platforms, which provide market access with a full range of energy products, enable live trading and access to short-term gas markets, while easing supply contract management for our clients.


Zoom in

Hague and London Oil (HALO)

In 2017, we signed a first-of-its-kind agreement with Exploration & Production company Hague and London Oil (HALO), whereby we provide financing for the acquisition of several gas fields in exchange for a fixed-price, 5-year gas delivery. Furthermore, we handle all physical and financial aspects of the deal–including nomination, off-take, and balancing. This novel type of M&A facilitation, which enables HALO to access funding in a risk-averse environment, is a game changer for the upstream part of the energy value chain.

Black Sea Oil & Gas SRL (BSOG)

We signed a 10-year agreement to off-take 0.5 bcm of gas per year (approx. 5.5 TWh/year) from the Midia Gas Development project (MGD) in the Black Sea. To offer such a long-term agreement, which combines market access, a hedging platform and an outlet for the fields’ production, we relied on our broad experience with market liberalization and financial expertise. The agreement will help MGD to obtain fair value for their gas in the Romanian market, providing them with the price stability needed for financing the fields’ development.