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Helping the world transition to a brighter future

ENGIE aims to lead the worldwide energy transition by actively supporting companies around the world develop their green energy strategy

The 21st century will mark the end of fossil fuels, which will gradually be replaced by energy from decarbonized renewable resources.  To build a sustainable energy future, the world needs to transition to more renewable, carbon-free energy sources.

ENGIE—a leader in the energy sector with an ambition to lead the energy transition worldwide—is committed to helping producers, consumers and regulators in developing their energy transition plans.

To this end, ENGIE offers a wide range of green solutions from demand-side management and power optimization agreements for renewable energy producers to battery storage services for grid operators and Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Corporate PPA enable you to source renewable power directly from the producer and reduce your exposure to price risk. Whether you’re an industrial site hoping to meet sustainability targets or a renewable energy producer looking for partners to help you finance your new plant, ENGIE’s Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) will help you meet your business goals. Our PPAs provide corporate customers with reliable and certified green power, as well as full visibility on price conditions, while also addressing the offtake risk faced by developers and financers of renewable energy projects. Corporate buyers can enter into a PPA that corresponds to their needs, the characteristics of the site and their preferences. Indeed PPAs can be on-site, offsite, physical or virtual.

ENGIE’s green services also cover a wide area of expertise from risk management services to state-of-the-art support for managing the physical production of energy.

We also help companies implement energy efficiency initiatives by offering start-to-finish assistance that includes a pre-audit visit, the elaboration of the certification process, energy review performance, and implementation of the selected action plan. We help you create a fully green energy production site by reducing your energy consumption while adding renewables such as solar, wind and biomass to your site.

We not only provide you with green energy, we also provide you with tailor-made financial solutions. Whatever your needs, our customized green solutions enable you to contribute actively to energy transition in line with your business needs. Check out our green services to find the right energy transition solution for your company. 

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