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Our offer is designed to be your first class asset for value creation

Anticipating the strong energy markets moves and new trends, we place our clients at the heart of our innovations and ambition to act as a key driver of change on energy markets.

Our cross-commodity physical and financial solutions are designed to help you extract the highest value of your energy portfolio. Through our digital platforms, APIs solutions and web applications, we offer you our best capabilities with fast responsiveness, convenience, transparency and reliance.

We can assist you with the full range or part of our innovative solutions, depending on your requirements. Our priority is to meet your specifics needs.

Through our client platforms, you can have convenient and fast access to our products, manage your full supply contracts, get access to gas short-term services and make the best of our capabilities through our API solutions and web applications.

You will also benefit from the strategic outlook provided in our economic and market research publications, conferences and one-off enquiries.

Our offer also includes a wide range of green solutions to help you make the most of the energy revolution and become a key actor of a more sustainable world.

Your requests are unique, this is why we design solutions tailored to your activities and profile. For instance we provide a wide range of expertise to meet large European customers’ needs.

The Investment Service Provider’s status of our financial trading arm ENGIE Global Markets (1.4 bn equity) ensures you the highest standards in risk control, client protection and business practices.

Benefit from the best of energy physical and financial expertise.

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