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The increasing share of renewables in the energy mix is transforming the dynamics of the short-term markets. As renewable energy is intermittent, balancing supply and demand can be a challenge. The discrepancy between the day-ahead forecasts and the actual generation the day after can and does often incur significant penalties on the balancing market. Intraday markets—short-term markets where trading happens over the course of a single day—have emerged as a solution to this problem as they allow market participants to correct their forecasting errors and meet the demand. If you are an energy producer with flexible power assets, we’ll help you profit from the growth and volatility of intraday markets.

How it works

By producing more or less on the intraday compared to your day-ahead forecasts—depending on the market conditions—you can help balance the market and earn a decent profit in the process. Acting on the market to increase revenue does involve a risk, but that’s where ENGIE comes in. ENGIE takes and manages these risks for you.

ENGIE’s 24/7 intraday trading desk has substantial experience in risk management and is happy to offer you first-class trading strategies to optimize the value of your flexibility. We share the additional revenue generated on the intraday market with you while guaranteeing that you keep your day-ahead gross margin independent of our trading activities. We’ll also help you build solutions to boost flexibility. 

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Key figures

ENGIE is a major global energy player with a large asset portfolio and longstanding expertise in securing and optimizing its assets.


Independent power producer in the world in 2016

112.7 GW

Installed capacity, 19.5% of which is renewable energy

No. 1

Energy efficiency services provider in the world

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