Demand response

Turn your flexible electricity consumption into cash

With NextFlex, ENGIE is revolutionizing electricity demand management. If you’re an industrial player or tertiary company with an annual electricity bill of over €150,000, and the ability to modify your site’s consumption on demand, you can take part in this revolution. You might be eligible for remuneration based on your site’s flexibility potential. By making your site’s consumption flexible from 15 days a year, you can turn your flexible capacity into a revenue source. Moreover, you’ll help us ensure security of supply in the market and make our planet greener and more sustainable.
Demand Response

 How it works

When there is a sudden peak or fall in electricity demand, we will send you a message asking you to activate your flexible electricity consumption capacity.

Alternatively, we’re also able to install a Flexibox that will automatically activate the flexible capacity on your site and alert you.

NextFlex can also certify your flexible capacity and help you reduce your electricity bill in periods of peak demand. With the certification, you no longer have to reduce your consumption each time there is a peak in demand; you only need to activate flexible capacity when the electricity system requires it and you will be remunerated for it.


Benefits with NextFlex:

Key figures


Industrial sites and tertiary companies in three countries have benefited from NextFlex


Annual revenue generated for every megawatt our clients trusted us with in 2017



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