Manage your weather-related risks with a first class hedging solution

Weather not only affects consumption patterns, it also determines stable transmission and production of gas and electricity—a harsh winter causes demand and prices to peak, stormy weather disrupts gas tanker deliveries and cloudy days affect solar power generation. Volatility in weather phenomena when combined with price volatility of gas and power can have an adverse financial impact on your company.   Regardless of whether you are an energy consumer, transporter, retailer or producer, WeatherFlex provides customized solutions that best reflect the nature of the weather risk you face and your financial objectives.

How it works

We challenge climate risk and offer you a solution guaranteeing fixed prices for climate-dependent gas or power volumes, that can be subject to high price variations.

Benefits with WeatherFlex

ENGIE relies on its expertise in weather risk management to propose fully integrated solutions for its clients:

We’ll analyze your weather risk by looking at all the potential risks you are exposed to, including market price risk. We’ll then fit it to a risk function that looks at daily, weekly and seasonal fluctuations in climatic factors. The product is then customized depending on what types of risk you want to hedge against. This tailor-made product will help you cover against the specific risks you’re exposed to and ensure that your financial performance is not affected by adverse weather conditions.

Key figures


The estimated financial impact of weather risk on the French energy market


Annual volatility in intermittent renewable energy production

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