e-Star offers short-term gas services through a digitalized customer experience dedicated to gas market players.

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The increase in liquidity and efficiency of the European gas markets over the past few years has considerably reduced traditional price spreads. Remaining spot market opportunities in short-term horizons (intraday/day-ahead) are not easy to take on due to operational constraints (market access and Technical System Operators requirements). To help market counterparts - such as gas producers, suppliers, shippers, regional distributors but also B2B, giants and combined cycle turbine power plants - to maximize these spot market opportunities, ENGIE created e-Star. Backed by a team of gas dispatch experts and robust IT tools, e-Star is a digital offer that provides short-term gas services for customers in Europe, accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How it works

Part of ENGIE’s digital transformation, e-Star provides digital solutions to internal and external counterparts and customers to ease the monitoring of their contracts. Depending on your type of business, needs and constraints, access our gas dispatch services through web APIs or a customer oriented web platform, using any mobile device.

ENGIE offers

Our ambition is to set up a complete catalogue of services and we aim to build solutions together with our clients that are tailor-made to their specific needs. In addition to traditional gas dispatch services, our offer can include liquified natural gas (LNG) scheduling and short-term data exposure for reporting and backtesting.

Together we can build the 24/7 gas logistic services that suit your specific needs and constraints, optimizing your gas asset portfolio management and letting you focus on your core activity:

  • Gas production and consumption scheduling and nomination
  • Balancing (position follow-up, settlement)
  • Assets Optimization on short term horizon
  • Forecasting (consumption, production)
  • Gas spot market access including during after hours
  • Flexibility services (virtual storage, transactional live prices…)
  • Virtual transport services
  • LNG scheduling
  • Biogas production offtakes
  • Advisory services


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