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You want to have a more positive impact on the environment and shift towards cleaner and greener energy sources. You buy green energy or invest in new renewable assets. But how do you prove that your daily consumption is green? How to quantify the overall impact on the planet? How do you know precisely where your green electricity originates from? To answer these questions, The Energy Origin (TEO) was born.

How it works

We record in real-time the kWh generated and consumed on-site. Based on your preferences, our matching engine calculates the volumes of energy exchanged between the renewable assets and your sites and the impact in terms of CO2 avoided.

This information is registered in tamper-proof certificates on the blockchain and accessible on TEO with all other production and consumption data.

ENGIE offers


With TEO, you can:

  • Be 100% green
  • Choose your local renewable assets
  • Give free access to your clients and be transparent
  • Measure your environmental impact
  • Join a community of innovators