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Quick access to accurate, streamlined and reliable information is key to energy professionals, especially in a globalized and increasingly complex energy world. This is why we have designed and developed a new service: EnergyScan, a web site that provides all the information you need to follow energy markets.

How it works

EnergyScan provides up-to-date access to innovative and comprehensive insights on major energy markets wolrdwide, produced by ENGIE’s top researchers and analysts.  Cross commodity analysis is at your fingertips as well as valuable data, accessible with an unmatched degree of accuracy.

ENGIE offers

  • Up-to-date market insights: daily, weekly and monthly comments from ENGIE experts on forex, oil, gas, power and emissions markets
  • Valuable data: historical and forecasted prices, supply and demand fundamentals, weather forecasts, economic indicators, etc...
  • Customizable reports: parameter your dashboard and your specific alerts for each market