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Global Energy Management & Sales is one of ENGIE’s Global Entities, a global energy player in electricity, natural gas and energy services.

We provide solutions to our clients around the world through ​an expertise built on over 20 years managing the world’s largest ​and most diverse portfolios including power, gas, environmental ​and certificate products.

ENGIE Global energy management & Sales is a truly international energy player with a presence in 15 countries and activities in more than 50 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

Our teams’ extensive experience in financial & physical energy management enables us to manage all our clients' energy challenges throughout the energy chain.

Our objectives? Ensuring that our clients meet their environmental challenges by using renewable energy towards a Net Zero carbon world.

Our services / expertise:
Power Asset Management | Energy Supply | Energy Transition Services | Risk Management & Market Access


Discover our solutions 

Hydrogen solution

ENGIE is committed to developing the solutions offered by hydrogen : decarbonation of industrial processes, storage of energy or zero-emission mobility. As a leading midstreamer on energy, Global Energy Management proposes a range of low carbon and renewable hydrogen solutions.

Biomethane solutions for producers and investors

The Offtake contract is crucial for the project. A serious off-taker like Engie is a convincing argument for banks and investors. ENGIE Global Energy Management’s goal is to make your project flies.

Biomethane solutions for clients

Whether you want to invest in biomethane, be fully supplied with green gas or just benefit from guarantees of origin, we design with you the solution best matching your requirements


TIP is designed as an integrated digital solution "as a service" gathering the comprehensive expertise of our short-term power teams.

Structured power products

To maximize revenues for our customers, we provide a wide range of modeling offers and hedging solutions.

Green Power for Corporates

Get a reliable and certified green power supply with a full visibility on price conditions. We meet all or part of your energy needs through new or existing solar, wind or hydro plants.

Standard products for renewable assets

As experts in this field, we offer a wide range of services to support you and guarantee your income. Discover our standard products for your renewable assets.


We empower you to take full advantage of your green assets, we can help you secure revenues through flexible contract duration and efficient control.


e-Star provides digital solutions to internal and external counterparts and customers to ease the monitoring of their contracts. 


Snoop-E is a digital platform that will boost and increase the efficiency of your energy contract negotiations and document management.


WattsOn is an application for energy supply contract management i.e. bilateral agreements that manage the delivery of energy to customers’ sites.

Offsite corporate PPA

Offsite Corporate PPA provides you long-term cost affordability, improved price visibility and recognition for renewable electricity achievements and climate leadership.

Energy efficiency solutions

We offer innovative energy efficiency solutions: measurement & analysis, energy saving programs, digital solutions, financing through white certificates and a commitment to performance.  


EnergyScan provides up-to-date access to innovative and comprehensive insights on major energy markets wolrdwide, produced by ENGIE’s top researchers and analysts.


We provide an intuitive digital market access platform designed with our clients to energize a sustainable world.

Blockchain - The Energy Origin (TEO)

We built a robust and reliable bridge between the physical world of energy production and consumption and the digital world of blockchain.

Asset management

With longstanding expertise in both physical and financial energy markets, we provide you with first-class trading strategies to optimize your flexibility and the value of your assets.

Demand Response - NextFlex

With longstanding expertise in both physical and financial energy markets, we provide you with first-class trading strategies to optimize your flexibility and the value of your assets.


We challenge climate risk and offer you a solution guaranteeing fixed prices for climate-dependent gas or power volumes, that can be subject to high price variations.

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