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  • Secure your gas supply with flexibility, at a competitive price
  • Best manage your financial and physical risks

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As the third-largest importer of gas in Europe and with a global long-standing presence on all major hubs, you can rely on our 20+ years of expertise in physical and financial risk management to reap the benefits of a sound procurement strategy.

Whatever the size of your company and activity, and depending on what you are looking for, you can benefit from a wide range of price engineering services and several contract options:

  • Fully flexible or fixed volumes
  • Fixed price or full flexibility on price transformations
  • Market Access and TSO management on your behalf
  • Access to published market prices

Our solutions go from ready-made to fully customizable – Tell us your needs and forget about the constraints. We commit to ensure your security of supply at all times.

To help you maximize spot market opportunities we created e-STAR.

Backed by a team of gas dispatch experts and robust IT tools, e-star is a digital solution that provides short-term gas services for customers in Europe, accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To support you in your decarbonization, one of our key priorities is to accelerate gas greening and supply you with biomethane, renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.

We are also actively developing our activity around Responsibly Sourced Gas in the US and in Europe and have a significant portfolio of low-emission gas sourced from North Sea producers.

Benefits of your partnership with ENGIE

An energy supplier for your sites across Europe, the Americas & APAC

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An access to ENGIE broad range of expertise to boost your performance

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  • Hydrogen

    Driving together towards a Clean Future with Renewable and Low Carbon Hydrogen

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  • Energy Attribute Certificates

    Guarantee the Origin of your Energy Worldwide

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  • Energy Efficiency

    The best energy is the energy you save

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    Partner with ENGIE, a Global Biomass Player Active on the full Supply Chain

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  • Global LNG

    Partner with ENGIE, a Global LNG Player Active on the full Supply Chain

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