Your decarbonization journey

Your decarbonization is safe with ENGIE: we make it simple and affordable, at every stage

Hit your sustainability targets with a trusted energy transition partner

If climate change is everyone’s business today, how can you participate and make the most of your decarbonization journey?

Your journey towards decarbonization is unique, and we’re here to empower you every step of the way.

As a global/local green midstream with more than 20 years of experience in energy management, we explore all renewable and low carbon technologies, to reduce your carbon footprint, taking into account the complexity and cost of your decarbonization, along with your local market specificities.

Get the support you need at every step of this journey: from the very first  carbon footprint reporting to secured and guaranteed 24/7 carbon free energy supply.

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Solutions at every step of your decarbonization
Decarbonization journey - Report

Report & Rethink

Your Decarbonization Roadmap Starts Here


Do you know your carbon footprint and do you have a plan for reducing it?

Our experts can accompany you in this reflection. Leverage our expertise to assess and report your carbon footprint and determine a roadmap with the next steps of your journey. This roadmap will encompass on-site and off-site solutions, carefully considering the costs and investments that are within your means.

Our solutions can include energy efficiencyDemand Side Management, renewable PPAs, gas-to-small scale LNG conversion, conversion of waste to energy through methanization, onsite green power generation or green gas certificates.

Decarbonization journey - Reduce


The Best Energy is the Energy you do not Use


Are you considering to reduce your energy requirements?

Take advantage of our comprehensive energy efficiency programs to improve your processes and optimize your energy usage while saving on your energy bill.

By developing a specific energy efficiency roadmap, we can assist you in identifying the right projects. Different options are available depending if you want to bear the investment yourself or want us to handle the design, financing and installation.

In countries with an energy saving scheme, we can valorize these certificates on the market and he lp you to recover part of the investment.

> CertiNergy solution

Decarbonization journey - Replace


Fuel your Businesses with Renewable  and Low Carbon Energy

Are you looking into greener alternatives for your energy procurement?

At ENGIE, we are committed to helping you drive safely and smoothly towards a Net Zero economy. We combine a large and diversified portfolio of low-carbon assets with long-standing expertise in managing renewable intermittency – It is a key for you to reach your sustainability targets.

A vast range of decarbonized energy sources can replace your conventional-sourced energy consumption. Together, we build your decarbonized energy portfolio taking into account the profile of your activities, constraints and requirements.

Whether you want to lower your carbon footprint with biomass, hydro, solar or wind-based power, or if you want to choose biomethane and hydrogen, you will find the energy you need with us.

You can commit to low-carbon consumption on the short or long-term, start with energy attributes only or embrace 24/7 carbon free energy: we tailor our offer to your requirements.

Discover what’s in store for you:

Corporate PPA  | Energy Attribute Certificates | Sustainable Biomass | Responsibly Sourced Gas | Biomethane | Hydrogen

Decarbonization journey - Retrace


Go one Step beyond, Take Control of your Energy Origin


Do you want to take it one step further trace and certify the origin of your power or gas down to its source?

At ENGIE, we have built the solution to help you select the source, the asset and other characteristics and follow on a daily granularity how that source is covering your consumption.

With this blockchain solution, certificates are delivered in near real-time.

Make the next move – Retrace your energy with us.

> TEO – The Energy Origin

Decarbonization journey - Remove

Remove or Avoid

Act on your Irreducible Emissions


Have you already implemented the previous steps and are you still stuck with unavoidable emissions?

You can offset your unavoidable emissions through high quality projects in line with your Sustainable Development Goals that deliver carbon credits.

At ENGIE, we provide carbon credits based on the most respected standards (UN Climate change Carbon mechanism, Verified Carbon Standard or Gold Standard).

> Carbon Offsets