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  • Improve the way you use energy
  • Reduce your energy needs

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  • An industrial
  • A private or public company in the tertiary sector
  • A construction company

Make the most of our comprehensive energy efficiency programs to optimize your processes, benefit from the latest technologies while achieving significant savings.

Through an energy efficiency roadmap, we help you target the right projects. How do you want to implement them?

The decision is yours :

  • You have a specific issue: get a turnkey solution designed to meet your need.
  • You want an integrated solution: you trust us the design, financing and installation and you do not have to bear the initial investment.

Through our maintenance services we make sure that you reach your energy efficiency targets and if you don’t take us on our word, you can opt for an energy performance contract where we guarantee the targeted energy efficiency gains.

On top of all that, we valorize your energy efficiency certificates on the market (in countries with an energy saving scheme) through EGMA, our digital market access platform for clients, at a price formula that helps you recover part of the investment cost.

Benefits of your partnership with ENGIE

✔ 150 energy efficiency experts

✔ 15 years of experience

✔ 61 energy performance contracts

✔ 50 new projects in 2021

✔ 18 TWhc equivalent certificates (1 kWh cumac = 1 CEE)

✔ 5.605 t CO2 avoided in 2021

They trust us

Pharmaceutical Glass Primary Packaging SGD Pharma is a global leader in glass pharmaceutical packaging SGD Pharma produces over 8 million vials and bottles per day at its five ISO 15378 certified manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia.

The Group has been engaged in a sustainability strategy for several years and has decided to partner with ENGIE Energy Efficiency company CertiNergy & Solutions to improve the energy performance of their two French sites.

SGD and Certinergy & Solutions sealed a partnership agreement for an integrated solution on energy efficiency. The latter was to be implemented and followed up on the long-term by a dedicated project manager. Further to technical interviews carried out with the site managers, the project manager was able to identify several energy savings and to co-design an energy efficiency roadmap.

The objective was to optimize the financing of white certificates through a comprehensive support from the sites audits to the costing, assembling and application for the obtention of white certificates.

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