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Optimize your Consumption through Flexible, Global and Risk Managed Supply

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  • Take advantage of energy market prices to buy your electricity at the right moment and build the best procurement strategy, leaving aside constraints and uncertainty.
  • Optimize your energy with our market access services and get turnkey delivery to all your sites.

Solutions for your needs

Whether you are a large business, a multi-site, an industrial, an institutional or commercial buyer of energy, we build with you the supply strategy that fits your needs. A wide range of contract options and features are available to help you design a sound procurement strategy:

  • Spread energy price and volume fixations over time.
  • Lock in market opportunities thanks to fast and transparent access to electricity markets.
  • Avoid spot price and imbalance risk.
  • Get a flexible product without take-or-pay obligations.
  • Remain sourced from various energy suppliers and trust ENGIE with the balancing.

We can take in charge the full management of your portfolio or you can act in autonomy through our short-term market access and you can have a continuous view of your contract up to delivery with Watts’On digital solution – You’re in the driving seat, always.

Need more? We always go the extra mile to customize the solutions that will fit your needs and innovate with you.

To guide you towards Net Zero, we have built a 21 GW renewable supply capacity with power generated from wind, solar and hydro assets. Our short to long-term renewable PPAs and 24/7carbon free electricity supply solutions are part of our services to help you tackle your sustainability challenges.

Benefit of your partnership with ENGIE

An energy supplier for your sites across Europe, Americas & APAC
A dedicated Account Manager
leading gas player ENGIEAn access to ENGIE broad range of expertise to boost your performance
221 TwhSupplied worldwide
+190,000Clients in 50 countries trust us

They trust us

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These solutions may interest you

  • ESG Certified Gas

    Lower the Emissions of your Natural Gas Consumption

    image of the solution ESG Certified Gas
  • Corporate PPA

    Buy 100% Renewable Electricity with
    ENGIE Corporate PPAs

    image of the solution Corporate PPA
  • Gas Supply

    Source your Gas from a Responsible and Reliable Player

    image of the solution Gas Supply
  • Biomethane

    Engage in Biomethane to Accelerate your Decarbonization

    image of the solution Biomethane
  • Hydrogen

    Driving together towards a Clean Future with Renewable and Low Carbon Hydrogen

    image of the solution Hydrogen
  • Energy Attribute Certificates

    Guarantee the Origin of your Energy Worldwide

    image of the solution Energy Attribute Certificates
  • Attributes

    Go one step beyond & track the origin and ESG qualities of your energy supply

    image of the solution Attributes
  • Sustainable Biomass

    Partner with ENGIE, a Global Biomass Player Active on the full Supply Chain

    image of the solution Sustainable Biomass
  • Global LNG

    Partner with ENGIE, a Global LNG Player Active on the full Supply Chain

    image of the solution Global LNG