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Are you looking to

  • Move towards 100% renewable consumption
  • Lock in your energy costs and avoid market volatility
  • Benefit from short to very long-term maturity
  • Reduce the GHG emissions of one single local site or decarbonize all your sites, wherever they are located

Solutions for your needs

Our role as a global green midstreamer is to connect consumers and producers with very different energy profiles and contract duration needs.

By entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us, you can secure your renewable consumption needs thanks to our large and diverse portfolio of flexible assets, which allows us to transform the production profile of the installations covered by the contract and match it to meet your green power needs.

PPAs can be a complex story: we take on this complexity for you. Our comprehensive risk management solutions combine a wide variety of risks management, from financial to operational and regulatory risks.

Whether you want a physical, off-site or virtual renewable PPA, our experts are at your side to design the PPA in line with your sustainability strategy. It can take the shape of a fixed shape base load, as-produced or embedded in a full supply contract.

You can also decide to move towards 24/7 carbon free energy, we have the right tools and methodology to guarantee the level of your carbon free energy, for every hour and each of your sites.

Benefits of your partnership with ENGIE

#2Clean energy provider (BloombergNEF 2021)


PPAs in 2021

34 GW

Renewables installed capacity (80 GW by 2030)

5.8 GW

PPAs under management (2019-2021)

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