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  • As a consumer, take steps forward in your gas decarbonization
  • As a producer, secure your production with a creditworthy offtaker

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Biomethane is a carbon-neutral energy source which diversifies further the way you can decarbonize your energy.

Whether you want to invest in biomethane, be supplied with green gas or just benefit from guarantees of origin or proofs of sustainability, we design with you the solution best matching your requirements.

As a green and glocal midstreamer, we source today Biomethane on a long-term basis from hundreds of producers to help our clients in their decarbonization journey.

Our experience in short and long-term renewable corporate PPAs and risk transformation expertise enables us to design with you renewable gas agreements like BPAs (for Biomethane Purchase Agreements).

You can enter with us into such a BPA to secure the production of your asset if you are a producer while, as a consumer, benefit from a tailor-made contract: you choose your mix, your maturity, and you can even trace and certify your sourcing through guarantees of origin and/or proofs of sustainability.

Benefits of your partnership with ENGIE

Global - ENGIEA global expert in risk transformation along the value chain worldwide
A biomethane supplier active across Europe
A deep understanding of local market specificities and evolutions

2.6 TWh


7 TWh

By 2023 (ambition of 30 TWh by 2030)


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