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We act for sustainability  

ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales’ purpose and strategy are grounded in sustainability pillars. 

Our sustainability actions consist of two pillars:  

  • Social pillar 
  • Environmental pillar  

Social pillar

Meeting our social sustainability goals  

We aim for our social performance to go beyond the law. This means respecting and implementing high ethical and social standards in all our activities everywhere we conduct business. We strive to provide a diverse, healthy and safe work environment where our employees feel confident sharing their ideas and trying new solutions

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Environment pillar

Climate change at the top of (y)our agenda 

Our innovative solutions, services and our working methods are becoming greener. In line with ENGIE’s Global Management & Sales’ ambitious decarbonization strategy and commitments, we aim to provide more and more low-carbon energy and energy management solutions to enable our clients in their sustainable transition

Sustainability in action – Enabling the UN Sustainable development goals 

The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (so-called SDGs) are calling for urgent actions towards better business for people and the planet. ENGIE is committed to supporting 12 of the 17 SDGs.  

ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales is more specifically contributing and applying the following SDGs to its business activities: