Asset Management & Flexibility Services

Secure & optimize the revenues of your energy assets

Secure & Optimize the revenues of your Energy Assets

Seize all market opportunities

The increasing share of renewables in the energy mix is transforming market dynamics making asset optimization more complex while bringing opportunities to capture value from flexible asset capacity.

Benefit from our risk management expertise and our full service coverage to make the most of your assets or your flexible demand. Our experience is built on 20+ years securing and optimizing ENGIE’s large and diverse asset portfolio, combining in-depth industrial and financial expertise.

Whatever your asset is, we can build with you first-in-class trading strategies to help you capture all market opportunities and extract maximum value.

Our asset management services cover

  • Large power plants
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Emergency power systems
  • Storage facilities
  • Electric boiler and other consumers
  • Wind farms
  • Solar plants
  • Natural Gas, LNG and Low-Carbon Gas
  • Thermal & Renewable Power

Your needs, our solutions

  • Asset Management as-a-Service

    Bring your energy asset to the market for high value creation

    image of the solution Asset Management as-a-Service
  • Upstream PPA

    Secure, certify and monetize your green energy assets, accelerate the penetration of renewables

    image of the solution Upstream PPA
  • Demand Side Management

    Use your flexible energy to consume in a smart and sustainable way

    image of the solution Demand Side Management
  • Battery Storage Management

    Extract maximum value from your battery storage facility

    image of the solution Battery Storage Management
  • Renewable & low-carbon gas management

    Leverage ENGIE's gas expertise on the entire value chain

    image of the solution Renewable & low-carbon gas management