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  • Reduce your electricity supply and grid capacity costs.
  • Increase your self-consumption capabilities.
  • Get additional revenue from your battery storage on the market.

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Battery Storage is a game changer for the energy transition. Thanks to their buffer function, batteries stabilize the power grid and make the fluctuating power generation from renewable energies usable for a continuous energy supply.

If your business requires a significant amount of energy for its operations, the use of onsite batteries can be a true differentiator: by storing and discharging power according to your consumption profile and to the energy grid capacity, you can absorb your peak loads and reduce your grid related costs – therefore saving money. And you benefit from a baseload volume of green energy, therefore also decarbonizing your electricity – intermittency free.

More, you can also benefit from our optimization services to extract value from your stored energy on ancillary services markets.

At ENGIE, we leverage our long-standing asset management expertise to support your innovative projects and market your energy storage for maximum revenue.

Trust us with the management of your battery storage and benefit from:

  • Peak shaving to reduce your electricity purchase costs.
  • Prequalification with TSO.
  • Access to ancillary markets through.
  • Bidding, nomination, data exchanges with TSO.
  • ENGIE’s reliable IT infrastructure.
  • An optimal marketing solution thanks to the know-how of our dedicated intraday trading teams.

In markets with capacity mechanism you can take advantage of your available capacity while we take care of the registration and administration to receive certificates. Thanks to our experience in structuring, you can lay back while we extract option value from long-term markets.

ENGIE is ready for the challenge of battery storage!

Benefits of your partnership with ENGIE

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Access to ENGIE all around expertise in battery storage management, from battery construction, operation to marketing and intraday optimization

170 MW

Battery assets under management

They trust us

Umicore NV/SA is a world leader in the production and recycling of special materials and metals. Customers are mainly the chemical processing industry as well as the automotive, building materials, electronics and jewelry industries. ENGIE is marketing battery storage for Umicore in Belgium in connection with a power to-heat system and an emergency generator in the primary control reserve. A self-developed software is used, via ENGIE.

  • Control the three technical units fully automatically.
  • Minimize operating costs.
  • Access to the ancillary markets through our bidding, nomination, and data exchanges with TSO.
Wind2gas Energy trust ENGIE

Wind to Gas Energy GmbH & Co. KG (W2G) is one of the pioneers of wind energy utilization in Schleswig-Holstein. With the aim of storing renewable energies and transforming them into other usable forms of energy, W2G in Brunsbüttel has, among other things, set up a lithium-ion battery storage for the provision of primary balancing power. ENGIE markets the battery for W2G in the energy services, including charge management and protection. ENGIE also forecasts peak grid load to generate additional revenue in avoided grid usage. In combination with ENGIE’s hydroelectric power plant, the customer storage facility was able to be prequalified with a higher output, thus optimizing the revenues.

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