Today, contract negotiations are resource and time consuming. They result in multiple exchanges, excessive draft versions, unreliable decentralized data storage and require physical gathering and manual signature. That’s why we want to introduce you to a new digital tool designed for our clients, Snoop-E (the Smart Negotiation and Onboarding Platform by ENGIE). Snoop-E is a digital platform that will boost and increase the efficiency of your energy contract negotiations and document management.

How it works

In one click you can:

  • Access the platform 24/7
  • Review and amend all the contracts in place
  • Exchange comments through the platform
  • Sign contracts electronically

ENGIE offers

Snoop-E is a 100% digital contract negotiation platform that manages the lifecycle of the contract, replacing email exchanges.

With Snoop-E you will be able to:

  • Receive a contract from ENGIE, write your comments, make changes, create clauses and export your draft at any time.

  • Access the contract negotiation history and every version of the contract. All negotiation steps are saved and easy to retrieve for both parties.

  • Access a clear overview of all your ongoing negotiations with ENGIE.

  • Benefit from our electronic signature system via our third-party provider Docusign, making contract signing as easy as opening an email.
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