TIP is designed as an integrated digital solution "as a service" gathering the comprehensive expertise of our short-term power teams.

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Intraday market overall activity in 2018, + 16% vs 2017


Main short-term power services

Short-term power markets have recorded an unprecendeted growth in the last 10 years. In 2018, 567.3 TWh have been exchanged overall on EPEX. Intraday markets have followed the same trend confirming the increasing interest of market participants to optimize their volumes in near real time and therefore reduce their risk of imbalance. The June 2018 launch XBID cross-border intraday trading between 15+ European countries has triggered additional efficiency and liquidity. Such intense activity turns intraday markets in a high area of opportunity along with volatility risks due to the increasing penetration of renewables - and this adds a level of complexity. With ENGIE's digital solution TiP, you capture the opportunities and we manage the complexity. Whether you are a renewable power producer, a large or small industrial, a local authority or a prosumer, you benefit from our more than 15-year expertise on short-term markets through a set of digital services designed to help you reduce your consumption costs, increase your production revenues and act for a better energy.

How it works

TiP is designed as an integrated digital solution "as a service" gathering the comprehensive expertise of our short-term power teams. Our clients can benefit from the fully packaged solution or select only part of it, according to their specific needs. They can operate the different TiP modules by themselves or ask for the support of their dedicated energy manager. The solution is provided either through Web APIs or a webplatform, depending on business and digital clients' constraints.

ENGIE Offers

What's in it for you?

Our 24/7 services offer helps you optimize your power portfolio according to the situation of day-ahead, intraday and imbalance markets :

  • Power portfolio dashboard. Position management. Day-Ahead prices. Intraday prices. Imbalance Prices. P&L reporting.
  • Real-time metering solution 
  • Easy access to day-ahead market : Forecasts. Bid calculation. Clearing results. 
  • Direct and indirect access to Intraday : Place orders
  • Automated requests for quotes

TiP is designed to be fully scalable and continuously evolving. New modules are already underway, including a short-term trading bot with first-class strategies to help you adapt your production processes and consumption needs to power market opportunities.

This unique gateway to short-term power markets is part of ENGIE's unparalleled market place for energy transition services developed across the value chain. Together, we enable you to capture market opportunities and walk the way to sustainable energy with experts operating at the heart of a world energy leader, with a robust financial structure.

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