ENGIE GEM CEO leads discussion on corporate green sourcing at the annual RE-Source event

ENGIE was one of six strategic partners at the RE-Source 2018 event held on November 20 and 21 in Amsterdam. These two days were an opportunity for corporates from various industries and energy suppliers involved in the RE-Source platform to discuss business strategies and paint a picture of future business models for clean energy sourcing.

How suppliers can energize the new market

In a roundtable discussion, ENGIE GEM CEO Edouard Neviaski outlined the role committed energy suppliers like ENGIE can play in managing the transition towards a new renewable energy ecosystem. M. Neviaski underlined that new modes of generation and consumption came with added complexity, which ENGIE can help manage by, for instance, as an intermediary acting as a risk transformer between producers and consumers, according to their requirements. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are a key instrument in this regard to help corporates meet their sustainability objectives.

Navigating the end of subsidized renewables through know-how and innovation

In his speech, M. Neviaski addressed a scenario wherein renewable energy subsidies would be phased out across the EU. He argued that long-term green PPAs, supported by comprehensive risk management services, constituted durable solutions—combined with investments in a wide range of technologies, as undertaken by ENGIE in wind, solar (including organic PV), battery storage, hydrogen and blockchain. M. Neviaski believes conditions are currently being met for ENGIE to “increase the momentum” of green sourcing, concluding that “green PPAs are paving the road towards a fully-renewable energy system. This is a long journey, but it has begun, and we will energize it.”


ENGIE’s green offers for corporates

The roundtable discussion, and a subsequent Q&A broadcast on Facebook Live, were an opportunity for M. Neviaski to present the multiple solutions ENGIE offers corporate clients in the form of PPAs. M. Neviaski underlined ENGIE’s growing track record with an overall PPA reference exceeding 2GW worldwide and notable successes in onshore wind, including a 208MW project in Norway with an associated 25-year PPA. This is par for the course for ENGIE, already the B2C and B2B leader of green power in France, which aims to become a leader in midstream green energy.

Key to this ambition is to facilitate the development of renewables by meeting its needs of industrial clients in green energy while acting as a facilitator for renewable energy producers. “By offering sustainable energy at very attractive prices to consumers and supporting the development of new renewables, we are pushing a win-win-win model” said M. Neviaski. “Our entity GEM (Global Energy Management), dedicated to risk management and services to large customers, works with internal developers and third parties to structure such offers, including short- and long-term baseload green power products to end customers.” According to M. Neviaski, all parties can take steps to scale up corporate PPAs and it is incumbent upon midstreamers like ENGIE to develop solutions to further limit upstream and downstream risks.


A win-win situation

Industrial players need companies like ENGIE to make their businesses greener, and energy companies need ENGIE to help them sell more green power. The annual event organized by RE-Source was thus the perfect place to establish mutually beneficial partnerships to develop green energy sourcing.

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About the RE-Source platform

RE-Source is a European alliance of stakeholders representing clean-energy buyers and suppliers. It seeks to promote a better framework for corporate renewable energy sourcing at both the EU and national levels by pooling resources and coordinating activities. RE-Source organizes an event every year to bring together renewable energy buyers and sellers.