At ENGIE, we have been driving innovation for more than 180 years. Today, we are changing the face of energy and services in Australia and New Zealand by creating and developing a diverse range of energy and multi-technical services solutions, backed with global expertise and locally focused customer service.

We own and operate about 1,000 MW (gross) of renewable (wind turbine) and gas-fired generating plants in Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, with many more renewable projects in the development pipeline. Our retail business, Simply Energy, serves markets in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.

ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) ambitions

In Australia, ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales consists of teams focusing on trading and portfolio optimization, risk management and teams active in business development, B2B sales and Power Purchase Agreement development

ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales in Australia has three ambitions :

  • The services and products we deliver are the ones we are known for, what is written in our DNA. Manage the risk of the merchant exposures of their gas assets, the wind and solar and the risks related to the sales portfolio, gas, power and greens.
  • Next to servicing the internal ENGIE customer, ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales enters into agreements with customers looking to outsource this complex piece of work to us: financial institutions, super funds (pension funds), hedge funds, etc. willing to own the assets, without setting up their own trading desks.
  • Supply B2B customers with the energy they require to run their businesses, this can be through standard supply contracts or corporate Power Purchase Agreements.
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