ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales is a truly international energy player with a presence in more than 20 countries and business platforms in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.  Present on 3 continents, our business platforms serve customers across the entire energy chain, from producers and financial institutions to infrastructure operators and consumers.  
Some locations: Paris, Brussels, LondonHouston, Singapore, Mexico City, Melbourne, Warsaw, Bucharest, RomeMadrid, Köln, Berlin, Prague,... 


ENGIE offers global energy management solutions in 11 European countries—France, Belgium, Luxembourg, United KingdomGermanyItalySpain, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Czech Republic. We offer a pan-European approach for harmonized management of different industrial sites across Europe while also offering customized local solutions for domestic customers. Europe is home to several business platforms: Paris, Brussels, Rome, Bucharest, LondonMadrid, Warsaw, Bucharest, Köln, Berlin, Prague,... 

We have been trading on the gas and power markets in Rome since 2013, when the Italian branch was established. We trade physical and financial gas and power in the Italian PSV (Punto di Scambio Virtuale) and PUN (Prezzo Unico Nazionale) markets.  
In Spain, where ENGIE was the first foreign company to get a foreign agent license in the energy market, we offer our clients gas, electricity, energy efficiency and price risk management services. 


Based in Houston, USA, our North America office serves the North American market as a natural gas and power wholesale energy marketer. We provide market access, hedging, and asset management solutions to gas and power customers in the region. 

For over a decade we have actively managed the wholesale market activities for ENGIE’s North American portfolio, including its retail power, generation and gas activities. We offer state of the art solutions and services to both industrial clients and retail consumers. 

Since 2021, our activity is developing in Mexico in the most populated city, Mexico City. 

Asia Pacific 

The Singapore trading platform - established in 2012 - is a pivotal hub for ENGIE as it looks for opportunities to develop power and gas activities in Asia, considering the forthcoming liberalization of major energy markets such as China, Japan and India. 

Our office in China offers services in virtual green product, carbon and biomass pellet trading, as well as biomass pellet plant acquisition. 

Our new platform Australia & New-Zealand with a focus on the services offered to ENGIE Australia & New-Zealand in terms of hedging, risk and portfolio management.