Our purpose is to become the leading provider of wholesale energy management services in Iberia (Portugal and Spain), increasingly helping external customers to optimize the value of their power, gas, LNG and green energy supply and to decarbonize and enhance the sustainability of their energy portfolios.

  • Trading and Hedging Services: First-class trading strategies to optimize the flexibility and the value of Spanish clients' assets.
  • Asset Optimization (CCGT, Hydro, wind, solar) we perform Energy Management services such as risk management, optimization, dispatch, gas sourcing and logistics for both internal and external customers.
  • Tailor-made gas and power supply offers: Upstream, Midstream and Corporates, structured solutions and PPA.
  • Energy Transition to zero-carbon Services: A wide range of green solutions to help our clients in their transition to their zero-carbon journey.


Key Figures

Iberian platform - Key figures 2021 - Portugal & Spain


  • Offering bespoke long-term green Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs), for a variety of renewable assets.
  • Optimizing the value of energy portfolio.
  • Providing hedging services and market access to a variety of clients. (24/7 services and operations across a variety of markets and ancillary services).
  • Structuring tailor-made risk management solutions for retailers or end-consumers and responding to their energy transition needs.
  • We also share our expertise by providing market representation services for third party market access, thus leveraging on the expertise and the infrastructure already in place in ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales Iberia.
  • Always looking to the future, we assess continuously the market for potential Energy Market opportunities, such as business expansion (e.g. Retail activity and Market representation), biomethane, hydrogen related services, demand side management and performance gains with digitalization.
  • E-services provided with e-platforms such as:
    • EGMA to reduce costs and structure tailor-made risk management solutions.
    • EnergyScan for Energy Market Analysis advice


Benefits for our clients

  • Long experience of flexibility assets management.
  • Deep understanding of physical gas and power markets in Iberia (Portugal and Spain).
  • Belonging to ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales with expertise at global scale and capacity to provide multi-geography services to multinational companies.
  • Capabilities to structure very long-term PPAs and risk management solutions to accompany our clients in their energy transition journey.
  • 24/7 Market operation.
  • Building strong partnerships with our clients to find tailor-made solutions.


Industrial, Tertiary and Infrastructure Markets

Thanks to the competences in the entire energy cycle the presence throughout the national territory, as well as extensive experience in the gas and electricity markets, ENGIE España can offer a global energy solution for the industrial, tertiary and infrastructure markets, helping clients to reduce their CO2 emissions and meet their sustainability commitments, considering the environmental impact of energy in a profitable a sustainable way.

The differential value in ENGIE España lies in the capacity to design, operate and maintain the facilities, including the supply of the energy required at each stage, as well as the possibility of building by financing solutions to the viability of the client´s Business Plan.


Our cases studies

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ENGIE signs a PPA with another energy supplier company named FORTIA
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ENGIE signs a PPA with end consumer Lactalis
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