ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales Italy is a fully integrated front to back trading platform based in Rome, offering tailor-made solutions for our clients in Italy to support their ambition of energy transition: we do asset optimization with trading capabilities, gas and power supply, green certificates, green PPAs and energy transition services, risk management and hedging products.

ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales Italy has the ambition to be a leader and energize sustainably the energy transition and is able to structure with its clients customized solutions to manage the risks, to provide visibility to secure investments or to manage the actual power generation onto physical markets.

Even in the Italian market which is engaged into an ambitious drive towards Net Zero carbon by 2030, with those goals according to the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP): this strategy implies numerous challenges for the system resilience and security, just as business opportunities for ENGIE Italia. Key elements of the NECP are:

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The Italian Power System complexity, with the progressive increase of not- programmable RES in Southern Regions, puts pressure on grid, with more congestion-hours in North, Centre-North, and Centre-South zones. In addition, the progressive reduction of traditional programmable installed capacity and coal phase- out (-8 GW within 2025) puts pressure on the reserve margin. These stress factors represent real challenges for the power system, while the energy transition enablers will be: long term price signals, markets integration and evolution, digitalization. All opportunities for GEM Italy.

There will be an increasing need to balance the electric grid at local level, where batteries could play a role. ENGIE Italia, with its deep expertise in managing flexibility assets (CCGTS, flexible gas storages, etc.) and in risk management, can provide viable solutions for flexibility asset owners/ developers and support the Electricity System Operator in getting through the challenges. Engie Italia is the 1st player in energy storage solutions for green grids.

Moreover, ENGIE Italia is owning and managing 300 MW of renewable power plants plus third party assets on yearly basis. This knowledge is leading to a primary role in the long term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) sector.

Key Figures

Italy ENGIE Global Energy Management in Rome



  • Manage additional capacities in the new international gas pipes
  • Leverage the flexibilities of the existing portfolio adding new auctioned storage capacity
  • Develop weather derivatives for our downstream portfolio


  • A fully operating dedicated ENGIE Global Markets branch in Rome since 2013
  • Provide market access with Short Term Trading of renewable assets and flexible technology assets
  • Virtual Power Plants and hedging services
  • E-services provided with e-platform such as EGMA to reduce cost and structuring tailor-made risk management solutions 
  • Long story in the renewable energies through direct assets ownership and project development experience


  • Develop long term Green PPAs activity for our power plants and third party assets. First corporate long term PPA signed in Italy with Amazon at end 2020.
  • Trading of green certificates and green solutions for the energy transition of our costumers
  • Demand Response activities and decentralized green solutions (including specific energy project, aiming to generate additional revenue through flexible consumption and increasing on-site sustainability - DSR/ battery storage services/High Efficiency Cogeneration).
  • Green gas and hydrogen projects deployment.


Benefits for our clients

  • Long experience of flexibility assets management
  • Deep understanding of physical gas and power markets in Italy
  • Deep and wide knowledge of the renewable energy sector in Italy, on assets and commodities
  • Capabilities to structure very long-term PPAs and risk management solutions to accompany our clients in their energy transition journey
  • Day and night trading capabilities
  • Origination and front office structured and flexible to find tailor-made solutions to our partners
  • Virtual assets and storage solutions


Focus on Green long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales Italy is on the front line of Long Term PPAs from new green assets.

We provide our green partners with indicative quotes on the long term for the projects under development until the final PPA negotiation. We are working with the major investors, financial or industrial approach, with banks and insurers, to be the best long term partner in market access and risks taking and transformation.

At the same time  ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales Italy is serving the corporations who want to greenify their carbon footprint, to establish a long term opportunity of electricity sourcing and market volatility risk hedging.

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