Full-fledged origination and trading platform based in London, offering tailor-made solutions for our clients in the UK: asset optimization with 24/7 trading capabilities, gas and power supply, green PPAs and energy transition services, risk management éand hedging products.

The UK market is engaged into an ambitious drive towards Net Zero carbon by 2050. Large renewable capacities must be developed and the grid needs to adjust to intermittent generation. ENGIE is able to structure with its clients customized solutions to manage the risks, to provide visibility to secure investments or to manage the actual power generation onto physical markets.

The power grid is facing tremendous challenge to cope with the intermittency of renewable generation. ENGIE, with its deep expertise in managing flexibility assets (pumped-storage hydro plants, CCGTs, flexible gas storages, batteries, etc.) and in risk management, can provide viable solutions for flexibility asset owners/ developers and support the Electricity System Operator in getting through the challenges.


Key expertise

  • Green Power PPAs
    • Tailor-made solutions to asset owners and end consumers, covering a wide variety of technologies and structures, including long-term PPAs.

  • Risk Management solutions
    • Hedging and market access services, to retail portfolios, end-consumers and wholesale counterparties, both on power and gas markets.

  • Asset optimisation
    • Service to a wide range of flexibility assets (pumped-hydro storage, flexible gas storage, batteries, …).



  • Offering bespoke long-term green power purchasing agreements, for a variety of renewable assets and to end-consumers (route to market and balancing services for large offshore wind capacity, long-term PPAs with a variety of structures, …).
  • Risk management and market access solutions for B2B clients, together with our B2B Supply arm, as well as to wholesale counterparts.
  • Optimizing First Hydro one of the world’s largest pumped-storage capacities (2.1GW, providing 24/7 services and operations across a variety of markets and ancillary services).
  • Providing market access and hedging services to Stublach UK’s largest onshore gas storage, highly flexible.


Benefits for our clients

>> Long experience of flexibility assets management

>> Deep understanding of physical gas and power markets in the UK

>> Capabilities to structure very long-term PPAs and risk management solutions to accompany our clients in their energy transition journey

>> 24/7 trading capabilities

>> Building strong partnerships with our clients to find tailor-made solutions

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