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ENGIE Supply in the UK are actively engaged in the transition to net zero, whether that is through reducing consumption, switching to renewable energy supply or through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Fostering strategic partnerships with all our customers, whether you’re a generator or a business we create tailored solutions for you.

Who we are

ENGIE is committed to helping your business transition to a low carbon workplace by providing clean energy solutions. Whether you’re a small to medium sized business or a major organisation, ENGIE has a track record of successful partnerships with customers based on an understanding of your needs and business priorities.

For dedicated energy generators or businesses with generation assets, our gas and power purchase agreements are designed to suit your specific business model.

Global Presence - UK supply

Key figures

✔ ENGIE energy Supply – Top 10  in the UK for PPA contracts over 30kW (source PPA Market Share: Cornwall Insights 02.22)

✔ Providing solutions to over 15k customers

✔ Serving over 48k meters

What we do

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Key solutions

BusinessENGIE are committed to helping small to medium sized businesses, our simple contracts make it easy for you to choose a solution that works for your business. All our contracts have the option of 100% renewable electricity.

Large businessENGIE has the expertise, services and resources to help you get the best value from the energy markets and fulfil your sustainable priorities. ENGIE gives your business access to all the energy supply, management and trading expertise you need to optimise your energy purchasing.

Generators – Contracts to suit varying generation assets and operational practices. Our PPA contracts are designed to suit every type of generation plant,
business model, operational practice, and objective.

Optimisation ENGIE can help you increase the value of your generation assets by maximising the revenue-generating opportunities available to you.