ENGIE boosts Nestlé’s carbon-neutral program

ENGIE has been actively supporting long-standing partner and agri-food world leader Nestlé in its sustainable commitments. More recently, ENGIE teams offered their expertise to help Nestlé meet its carbon-neutral targets through a comprehensive audit performed on two French client sites.

Our teams were able to provide Nestlé with an accurate view of the sites’ carbon footprint throughout the production chain, resulting in a full range of solutions to green up their activities.

The emissions’ audit was based on a 3-scope analysis:

  1. Direct emissions produced by on-site combustion;
  2. Indirect emissions related to power purchase (on-site and off-site emissions);
  3. Indirect emissions throughout the production chain, from sourcing to end-consumption.


Based on the results, ENGIE proposed Nestlé several specific solutions to reach carbon neutrality, including but not limited to:

  • Energy efficiency services aimed at reducing overall consumption, such as heat capture and recovery, gas-to-small scale LNG conversion, conversion of waste to energy through methanization
  • Green Power Purchase agreements
  • On-site green power generation (wind and/or solar installations),
  • Green gas certificates

ENGIE has showed its capacity to provide Nestlé with an end-to-end approach to business greening. ENGIE is prepared to stand by actors of all sectors who seek to limit their carbon footprint on a local or global scale and help them move towards a decentralized and decarbonized world.