Key figures


of mature renewables capacities

2 GW

Corporate PPA worldwide

6 GW

aggregation portfolio of renewable assets


Offsite Corporate PPA provides you long-term cost affordability, improved price visibility and recognition for renewable electricity achievements and climate leadership. In 2018, corporations bought more than double the amount of clean energy through power purchase agreements than in 2017. ENGIE is a leading provider of PPA worldwide.

How it works

Offsite PPAs let you source renewable energy from assets located outside your site. This is ideal for industrial sites that have limited space. Offsite PPAs also enable corporate customers to source renewable energy from fewer but larger assets, enabling them to reduce costs through economies of scale. The renewable energy project is connected to the grid, providing the renewable energy producer with alternative market routes, particularly on the wholesale market.

From one or many renewable energy plants, ENGIE offers PPAs for all types of generation technology, providing tailor-made energy management services, designed to suit every type of generation plant, business model, operational practice and objective.