ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales scores high at the 2022 Energy Risk Commodity Rankings!

ENGIE performs at the Energy Risk Commodity Rankings and obtains strong positions across commodities and markets, worldwide!
Energy Risk Commodity Rankings 2022 - ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales

Our teams notably ranked n°1 global power dealer, EU emissions trading and LNG Europe & Asia, while reaching n°2 overall natural gas market services and gas market intelligence (EGMA via OTC Trading platform, EnergyScan,...)

Such rankings translate the continuous commitment we show to our clients in serving them with the highest standards, across the value chain. We leverage our core market and energy management expertise to tailor for our clients a wide range of solutions in power, renewable and low-carbon energy, while striving to ensure security of supply in gas – a key partner for a successful transition to Net Zero.

We thank our clients for the unwavering trust they place in ENGIE to support their decarbonization. 


About Energy Risk Commodity Rankings

The annual survey conducted by Energy Risk is based on market participants’ selection of their top dealers and brokers following criteria including reliability, integrity, speed of execution, keen pricing and liquidity provision

It gathers between 1,000 and 1,500 participants.


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