We help you design and execute bespoke hedging energy strategies, through our offices all over the world and especially in our main spots in Paris, Brussels, LondonHouston, Singapore, Mexico City, Melbourne, Moscow, Warsaw, Bucharest, RomeMadrid, Köln, Berlin, Prague, Kiev,...  and provide expertise on cross-markets, products and areas. With our digital market access solutions for both physical and financial energy markets, manage your risk in a compliant and transparent way. 

As a regulated banking entity, we have 20 years’ experience offering customized, market-oriented solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream energy players—producers, shippers, refiners, trading counterparties, financial institutions and industrial players. These solutions are divided into four main activities: physical market access; risk management; asset optimization services and economic research and market analysis. 


What we offer

We give you access to reliable power and gas supply from wholesale markets and offer a wide range of physical market access solutions such as alternative supply on physical markets, physical offtakes at hubs, hedging, liquidity and both short- and long-term production valuations. 

Our in-depth knowledge of physical markets is combined with our longstanding experience in optimizing ENGIE’s asset portfolio, managing risk and trading at all major European hubs.

What drives us

Our unique mix of expertise means that we are able to meet your demands, however specific, at every stage of the energy market process.  

In addition to trading solutions and physical market access offers, we provide high quality macroeconomic research and analysis of the foreign exchange and energy markets to help you make informed, data-driven decisions.