As an energy producer or business with flexible power assets, you can profit from the intermittent nature of renewables by trading power on intraday markets. The growing share of renewables in the energy mix has transformed the dynamics of short-term energy markets and created arbitrage opportunities in intraday markets. The intermittent nature of renewable energy results in a situation where day-ahead generation forecasts and actual generation the day after are usually different. Intraday markets allow market participants to correct their forecasts when it is needed and match actual demand. Therefore, the volatility of these markets can provide additional value to your physical and contractual assets.


What we offer

From demand-side management solutions to Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and battery storage services, we offer you a wide range of options to optimize your power assets and profit from the volatility in energy markets. Whether you own physical or financial assets over the short, medium or long run we can assist you design a business strategy to boost your competitiveness on energy markets. Our longstanding expertise in both physical and financial energy markets as well as trading platforms in Europe, the US and Asia enables us to manage even complex options models for you, requiring arbitrage over several markets.