Environmental awareness is growing among corporates, who are increasingly concerned about rationalizing their resources to address the challenges of climate change mitigation. A key issue in securing green energy supply is that the intermittent rate of renewable production rarely matches the consumption patterns of corporates. Instead of delivering energy “as-produced”, we therefore provide solutions that are profiled to consumers’ needs and intervene to manage the complexity of green energy on behalf of producers.

Key issues

The cost of green energy generation is being substantially reduced, especially where wind and solar energy are concerned

As such, corporate demand for access to green energy is booming, as entities commit to ambitious CO2 emissions reduction targets.

Global initiatives such as RE100 are emerging to support and promote companies committing to switching to 100% renewable electricity

Intermittency remains a major issue however, which is why these companies need partners who can act as risk transformers and provide project expertise.

Our solutions 

  • Enter a privileged partnership to manage your energy transition from A to Z. Our service offer to large energy consumers is designed to provide comprehensive support, with Key Account Managers as your dedicated counterparts from defining a joint roadmap to implementing Green energy by country and/or site.

  • Procure your green energy supply through offsite Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). By connecting your energy consumption directly to a green power producer, we provide not just reliability but also complete visibility of price conditions. Our energy management capabilities and the strength of our balance sheet enable us to act as a risk transformer and ensure the stability of your energy supply and your business, making it possible to manage PPA-related risks on a much longer term than other players.

  • Optimize your power supply with an end-to-end green power contract. In addition to supplying you with green energy, we provide a full suite of energy management services, from price risk management, profiling and balancing to nomination services, and more. You also receive the relevant certificates of origin for your energy supply, all while being able to verify the traceability of your energy with our real-time digital platform.

  • Benefit from decarbonation consulting to green up your entire operation. Energy efficiency is recognized as a key contribution to sustainable development, with wide-ranging benefits for consumers and the economy. Our teams of energy efficiency consultants can conduct an in-depth audit of your carbon footprint and energy consumption, and propose solutions to optimize your entire business, including with certificates-based financing.

  • Develop your own on-site decentralized energy generation. The most profitable option for you might even be to produce your own renewable energy, whether from wind turbines, rooftop solar panels, carports or more. We have the expertise to help throughout the project, from development and construction to energy management and optimization, in order to guide you towards positive energy.


Zoom in

Tonstad: a record-setting PPA in Norway

Our financing agreement for Project Tonstad in early 2018 provided for the construction and management of a 208-MW onshore wind installation in the south of Norway. It notably involves structuring a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with aluminum producer Hydro Energi to offtake 100% of the energy generated at Tonstad over 25 years—one of the longest ever signed PPAs in Europe.


Goya: a landmark wind deal in Spain

An innovative partnership to develop project Goya in Spain has resulted in a 12-year PPA (the first in Spain for windfarms outside the subsidy scheme), which provides for the construction of a 300-MW wind park in Zaragoza, with the operational launch scheduled for March 2020. This project illustrates our innovative offers based on a combination of in-house expertise and businesses: we act as partial builder and shareholder, committed to purchasing 75% of the windfarms’ yearly production, providing risk management services for the PPA, as well as optimizing production on the Spanish spot and balancing markets, including that of Guarantees of Origin.


Greening the energy supply of Adisseo in Spain 

Our long-term green PPA with ADISSEO Group is a key example of our efforts to meet industrials’ demand for green power sourcing. This 10-year contract stipulates we will cover the full supply needs of ADISSEO’s Burgos factory throughout its period, guaranteeing exclusive sourcing from a renewable asset (expected to be operational by 2020).


Greening industrial processes for corporates

We actively support our long-standing partner Nestlé in its sustainable commitments. Most recently, our energy efficiency experts led a comprehensive audit to help Nestlé meet its carbon-neutrality targets on two of its French sites. Our teams were able to offer Nestlé an accurate view of the sites’ carbon footprint throughout the production chain, resulting in a full range of solutions to green up their activities.