Key issues

Selling all or part of your gas to a reliable off-taker enables you to access liquidity and manage variations in production

Finance your fields' development through our fund-raising solutions

Book, dispatch and optimize your logistics chain from the wellhead down to the off-take point

Get the guarantees you need to obtain your financing from lenders. Our offer enables you to access hedgeable gas prices and secure the forward value of your reserves.

Our solutions 

  • Secure the off-take of your gas production in full.We off-take your gas as it is produced, relying on our strong credit rating and a 24/7 European operations desk to manage day-to-day real gas flows. 

  • Receive prepayment for future expected production.We provide you with accurate assessments of your gas fields’ value and offer reserve-based finance schemes. 

  • Reduce your risk at a competitive price. Our offers include price-risk management schemes embedded into the physical off-take (whether using fixed-price or floor-price based formulas), which we make competitive by trading on liquid market indices.  

  • Share in the rewards of optimized upstream capacities. Our physical portfolio includes wide-ranging logistics, transport and storage capacities, which we can be combine into off-take contracts for shared value-creation.

  • Combining all these capabilities and more, we help you finance your field’s long-term development. We can offer tailor-made integrated services including gas nomination, off-take, balancing, risk management and pre-financing. We can offer tenors up to 5-10 years, making these services especially attractive to small- and medium-size producers who can face challenging conditions to access finance and/or manage price risks during their development.  

Zoom in

Hague and London Oil (HALO)

An agreement was signed in 2017 with HALO (Exploration & Production company Hague and London Oil). Engie provided financing for the acquisition of gas fields for a fixed-price and 5 years of delivery. This new type of M&A facilitation enables HALO to access funding in a risk-free environment, which is a game-changer for the upstream part of the energy value chain.

Black Sea Oil & Gas SRL (BSOG)

An agreement has been signed within the framework of the Midia Gas Development project (MGD) in the Black Sea to extract 0.5 Gm3 of gas per year (around 5.5 TWh / year). Our experience in market liberalization and financial expertise has enabled us to offer a long-term agreement that combines market access, a hedging platform and an outlet for fields’ production. The agreement provides price stability necessary to finance the fields’ development, MGD being able to obtain the fair value for its gas on the Romanian market.