ENGIE is part of a consortium of European distribution companies and industry partners set up in five countries to run InterFlex. This project funded by the European Commission is intended to foster new modes of energy optimization with a special focus on local solutions.

The showcase for these innovations in France is Nice Smart Valley. There, we want to help our partners and clients address the challenges of renewable intermittency by creating new business models covering energy storage, electric vehicles, demand response, grid automation, and more. Enabling you to make the most of a competitive energy transition  requires innovative local power optimization solutions.


Key issues

Upcoming energy transition challenges require greater interaction between market players at the local level.

New uses of electricity are appearing in urban environments (e.f. e-mobility), with unclear business models.

Local grids are struggling with greater intermittency and load due to the increased penetration of renewable energy.

Local power optimization offers alternatives to costly investment in distribution grids.

Our solutions 

  • Turning your consumption patterns into added value.Enter a win-win partnership with us by being compensated for reducing your power consumption at specific times during the day. This enables us in turn to provide a range of Demand Side Management services to other parties connected to the local grid. Everybody benefits. 

  • Making power grids cost-efficient and responsive to local needs. In our capacity as a power aggregator, we deploy various services to enhance local power supply. This includes boosting grid automation, integrating different energy carriers (e.g. gas, heat and electricity) and partnering with prosumers who can periodically adjust their consumption to provide Demand Side Management services.  

  • Helping system operators tackle intermittency with local flexibility.More intermittent renewable energy will likely increase peak load and peak injection across the grid. To reduce the need for costly infrastructure investments, we collaborate with French Distribution and Transmission System Operators (DSOs and TSOs, respectively) to design a local flexibility market. This will enable aggregators to offer flexibility services to the DSO and reinforce network capacity. 

  • Lowering your energy bills and boosting self-consumption with power storage. We deploy comprehensive solutions to make storage more profitable, using batteries and flywheel systems. This increases communities’ self-reliance and makes it easier to balance power supply, resulting in shared value-creation for all parties involved.  

  • Balancing power supply even without TSO connection. These services are known as “power-islanding” and enable communities to maintain self-consumption in case of grid failure.We designed a power-islanding offer based on solar panels with a storage system covering 50% of an area’s annual energy needs.  


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