We deliver tailor-made energy supply solutions and design customized energy contracts that put global clients in control. 

Today, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for energy supply. Depending on the specific conditions of your business and sector, you may need fixed-priced contracts or prices that rise and fall according to the market. You also need to optimize for risk, work with accurate forecasts, manage supply and transport, fulfil your green-energy aspirations and remain competitive.


What we offer

We understand the complex landscape of energy supply. That’s why we offer full supply (gas and power) to pan-European and global clients with the most demanding needs. We specialize in flexible, global supply contracts with the price formula (fixed, average or indexed price on power, gas or oil markets) and volume pattern (flat, profiled, flexible, weather determined  that suit you best. We also provide turnkey delivery to all your sites in Europe and digital platforms that allow our clients to manage their needs – and risks – autonomously.  

In addition to a tailor-made gas and electricity supply, our experts provide you with analysis of your energy performance. Working on-site in your facilities, they ensure cost optimization, safety of your natural gas networks, full audits of your energy efficiency, reliability of electrical distribution and equipment, and immunization against supply outages.

What drives us

We help our clients manage a diverse range of energy projects, from biomass and wood-pellet projects in Japan and Australia to innovative long-term natural gas field contracts in Central Asia. We are committed to the transition towards sustainable energy sources, with extensive experience in green power delivery and sustainability certifications. ENGIE is preparing the energy world of tomorrow,  empowering clients to meet the specific needs of their renewable portfolios. In Europe, our expertise allows us to customize our services according to local subsidy schemes and specificities.

Our flexibility, diversity and risk management services are all part of our agile approach to energy supply. Turn your energy needs into a lever for driving competitiveness and performance and seize the opportunities afforded today by the market.