The Offtake contract is crucial for the project. A serious off-taker like ENGIE is a convincing argument for banks and investors. ENGIE Global Energy Management’s goal is to make your project flies.

How it works

ENGIE has a large expertise in risk hedging and energy management.
Our long-stranding expertise in financial & physical energy management and our strong balance sheet enables us, as a green midstreamer, to manage risk allocation between upstreamers and downstreamers, on-board part of the risks and/or mitigate them through first-class hedging strategies.


ENGIE offers

ENGIE Global Energy Management offtake proposal is based on each regulation and investor or producers constraints and needs. From an offtake of GOs to a full offtake of physical gas and GoOs with certification (ISCC or others), GEM is opening the discussion to answer as best as possible.


Biomethane 2 | ENGIE Global Energy Management

To meet its customers' needs, ENGIE SA is certified under ISCC EU scheme for the trading of biomethane and bio-LNG.


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