Currenta relies on a green electricity supply contract with ENGIE

• ENGIE and Currenta save CO2 and implement sustainable mobility at the Currenta locations • The concluded Power Purchase Agreement for subsidized wind turbines provides for 50 gigawatt hours of electricity over a period of 16 months
ENGIE x Currenta - Power Purchase Agreement PPA

The Chempark operator Currenta and the energy supplier ENGIE have signed a green electricity supply contract, a so-called Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). ENGIE will supply Currenta with renewable electricity from three German wind farms, along with the associated guarantees of origin. The wind farms will thus be retained after the EEG funding expires for the energy transition and will be used for sustainable mobility. Currenta will supply its own e-charging stations and the charging infrastructure of its customers with high-quality green electricity from the region. ENGIE supplies 50 gigawatt hours of electricity over 16 months; with this amount a typical electric car could circle the world around 9,000 times.
Dr. Alexander von Scheven, who developed the topic of electromobility as a digital business model in Chempark, emphasizes: "I am very pleased that, together with ENGIE, we can offer our customers regionally generated green electricity and thus make a contribution to the decarbonization of mobility."

Green electricity supply contracts as part of the sustainability strategy

Currenta is acting in the spirit of the energy transition - also with regard to the desired and extremely ambitious expansion of renewable energies in Germany. “With the use of electrode boilers for flexible electricity-based heat generation as a supplement to gas-based heat generation in our combined heat and power (CHP) systems, we are stimulating the expansion of renewable energies. In addition, the CHP systems are known to be characterized by high energy efficiency, ”says Dr. Hans-Jörg Preisigke, Head of Energy Policy at Currenta. "In this respect, the use of green electricity also fits into this strategy for sustainability, which we naturally want to expand."

“We are pleased that we can support Currenta as an energy partner in the further implementation of its sustainability strategy. Green electricity supply contracts are an excellent way to save CO2 in terms of the environment and economy, ”says Jörg Nauerth, Senior Originator at ENGIE.



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