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How it works

Renewable energy producers have to sell their output directly on the energy market for new or existing assets outside of the subsidy scheme. We can support you in securing revenues generated on energy markets. To evaluate your green assets, we offer to:

  • Purchase energy at a fixed or indexed price to seize market and secure market revenues
  • Purchase guarantees of origin                  
  • Manage the certification and valorization of your green assets


Our offer

  • Unique expertise along the entire power value chain with know-how from production to trading and portfolio management.
  • Integration and optimization of power assets to create added-value for green energy
  • Benefit from ENGIE’s balance sheet, a solid financial backing

Our aggregation and PPA offers for renewable energy producers are available in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands, and fully adapted to meet local market specificities.

Country focus

Belgium // Thanks to our large portfolio in Belgium we manage intermittency of renewables and prices volatility for producers to take advantage of their green assets.

France // The Energy Transition Law (2015) ensures a public support to renewable energy developers, who receive a subsidy premium in addition to the revenue generated by selling power on the market. We manage all types of parks with a “M0” reference price. We propose solutions for assets exiting Feed-in Tariff.

Germany // Direct marketing enables producers to gain the difference between market price and tariff rate. Therefore, price volatility and intermittency of renewable energies could be balanced with this guaranteed management premium.

Netherlands // Benefit from our 20-year experience in onshore wind, solar photovoltaic and green gas activities in the Netherlands. We provide a wide range of offers for all green PPA contracts.

UK // Tailor-made solutions to asset owners and end consumers, covering a wide variety of technologies and structures, including long-term PPAs.

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