In face of the growing awareness of environmental issues and climate change, local authorities and especially customers are demanding businesses to go green. Worldwide companies of all sizes are responding by initiatives and commitments to make their business activities environmentally sustainable and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to reach carbon neutrality. On the path to the zero-carbon world of tomorrow, we are helping you in your energy transition.


What we offer

As a global reference in low-carbon energy and services, we provide you with a wide range of energy transition solutions to making the zero-carbon transition possible: demand-side management and power optimization agreements for green energy producers, power purchase agreements (PPAs) and battery storage services for grid operators, risk management services and support for managing the physical production of energy. Our PPAs and guarantees of origin help industrial consumers to source renewable energy directly from renewable energy producers with high visibility of market prices.   

Also, we can help you implement energy efficiency initiatives by accompanying you all the way. Our start-to-finish assistance includes a pre-audit visit, a power consumption assessment, the elaboration of the certification process, energy performance review and implementation. Going further, we can support you to create a fully green energy production site by reducing your energy consumption while adding renewables such as solar, wind and biomass to your site.

The possibilities are exciting, even in the midst of economically challenging circumstances. That’s why we offer custom financing solutions, including co-investment opportunities such as equity and financing, with potential long-term off-take contracts to improve the bankability of your project. We help you achieve your sustainable energy ambitions, whatever their scope or scale.

Our offers

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Green Power for Corporates
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Demand Response
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Standard products for renewable assets
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Energy efficiency solutions
Energy efficiency solutions
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Our Team

Rudi Colin

Head of Services to Renewables - Energy Transition Services

Jonathan Vausort

iRes Originator

Katrin Fuhrmann

Senior Originator - Service to Renewables

Redha Louiba

Renewables business developer