ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales provides energy supply solutions and risk management services to support its clients through their decarbonization journey, while optimizing ENGIE’s assets and contributing to value creation. 

ENGIE is a global reference in low-carbon energy and services with a leading energy management business, piloted by its entity "Global Energy Management & Sales" who built its savoir-faire managing the Group’s large and diverse asset portfolio over 20+ years. 

3,300 employees around the world develop our solutions, through +20 business platforms: Paris, Brussels, London, Houston, Singapore, Mexico, Melbourne, Warsaw, Bucharest, Rome, Madrid, Köln, Berlin, Prague,... We cover the full energy mix: renewable and thermal power, natural gas & LNG, biomass, environmental products. 

Our 800+ main accounts span the entire value chain: producers, asset developers, financial players, utilities, distributors and industrials. Our global reach and strong local presence enable us to offer these diverse clients tailor-made services and respond to rapid changes in mature or emerging markets alike. 

Our story 

Once confined to managing the assets of the GDF Suez group, now ENGIE, the ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales entity has since evolved towards a supply model for large national markets and then towards a client-centric model. Thus, in order to be a key player in the market, we have constantly diversified our portfolio of partners in order to multiply its business opportunities in Europe and worldwide. ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales now has a dual mission: to ensure the competitiveness of the Group's Entities and to develop its own commercial activity. 

It regroups under one single entity two main fields of activity previously performed by ENGIE Global Markets and ENGIE Electrabel:  

  • The valuing of assets in the markets. 
  • The development of physical and financial trading activities in midstream LNG, natural gas, biomass and freight.   

Today, our energy management offer is a first-class asset for value-creation. It includes physical supply, offtake, cross-border trading, physical and financial risk management and market access 

We focus on our role as reference global & local key player, green and client-centric midstreamer, accelerating renewables thanks to our risk transforming expertise enabling to secure producers’ assets while ensuring clients’ consumption. Our integrated approach to decarbonization is meant to support our clients in their shift to Net Zero at each step of their transition, from carbon reporting to 24/7 clean energy. This includesgreen corporate PPAs, biomass, green and low carbon gas supply and traceability, global and local flexibility services, power optimization for renewable producers and battery storage services for grid operators and a wide range of green certificates, among others. 

Pursuing our ambition to energize a sustainable world, we leverage digitalization for a better energy with a growing suite of e-services, including digital client platforms, web apps and blockchain-based solutions. 

The Investment Services Provider status of our financial trading arm, ENGIE Global Markets, ensures stringent standards in risk control, client protection and business practices. Our clients benefit from the best of energy trading and financial expertise. 

Our vision 

Decarbonization is arguably the most important change for businesses and communities. With 70% of the world's carbon emissions emanating from just 100 companies, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project, businesses have a key role to play in the Net Zero Carbon transition. 

As companies embark on their sustainability journey, they are looking for effective solutions to continue their energy transition and optimize their ecological/environmental footprint.  

Focused with the group on Net Zero carbon, ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales offers you solutions that meet all your decarbonization needs. 

From different renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydro, biomass,...) we aim to offer to our clients locally produced green electricity, thanks to our TEO tracking tool certifying its origin.  

Our vision is clear: to give your company the keys to meet your sustainable objectives thanks to our expertise and our customized solutions.

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