Key figures

million €

turnover in 2018


saved by companies and local authorities


digital solutions installed in more than 15 countries over 10 years


tailormade white certificate projects produced in France and Italy


With the energy transition, we aim to build a sustainable society while continuing to drive economic growth. As a means to tackle climate change, energy transition is becoming a common goal shared by people, government and companies.

ENGIE’s CertiNergy & Solutions helps companies and local authorities to take part in the energy transition and green their activities by:

  • Reducing energy bills to boost households’ purchasing power
  • Delivering a competitive advantage

Energy efficiency is a major contributor to sustainable development, leading the way to a zero-carbon transition.

How it works

To reduce companies’ energy consumption, CertiNergy & Solutions offers innovative energy efficiency solutions: measurement & analysis, energy saving programs, digital solutions, financing through white certificates and a commitment to performance.

All our services and solutions are tailormade according to clients’ specific energy needs. CertiNergy & Solutions combines technical and financial solutions for more efficient energy management services. Our white certificate solutions, part of what is called the “white economy”, enable companies to finance energy saving programs, at a lower cost.

ENGIE offers

  • Decide and turn into action: We help you make the best decisions to improve your energy efficiency and performance.
  • Measure and regulate: Use our digital supply tools (BEX, OCP ®), developed with our 20 years of expertise in energy efficiency, to analyze the performance of your facilities.
  • Manage your energy saving program: Manage your project with our specialists and by using the Clic & Renove application, which allows you to follow each development in real-time.
  • Finance and make it possible: We offer financial arrangements through the white certificates system.
  • Quality and results: We ensure the reliability and efficiency of your energy saving program.