An ambitious target of Net Zero Carbon by 2045, for us and for our clients 

ENGIE is a global energy player specializing on renewable energies and low carbon distributed energy infrastructures, helping its clients to achieve their decarbonization targets. Thanks to our industrial approach and guided by our corporate purpose, we are in a unique position to build tomorrow's low-carbon energy system and meet the challenges of climate change.  

With our 2045 target, we are strengthening our commitment to decarbonization by following a trajectory in line with the Paris Agreement. The Group is also contributing to the decarbonization of its clients, with a plan to enable its clients to avoid 45 Mt CO2 emissions per year by 2030. ENGIE is strongly committed to helping producers, consumers and regulators in developing their energy transition plans. 

Today, we are building the low-carbon energy system of tomorrow for an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy transition.  


Enable customers in their journey towards a carbon-neutral economy ​ 

ENGIE Global Energy Management & Sales offers a wide range of renewable and low-carbon solutions to help clients through different stages of their transition. Our green services cover a wide range of expertise from risk management services to state-of-the-art support for managing the physical production of energy. Our PPAs and guarantees of origin help our industrial clients source renewable energy directly from renewable energy producers with high visibility of market price.     

We also help companies implement energy efficiency initiatives by offering start-to-finish assistance that includes a pre-audit visit, development of the certification process, energy review performance, and implementation of the selected action plans. We support you in creating a fully green energy production site by reducing your energy consumption while adding renewables such as solar, wind and biomass to your site. 

We do not only provide you with renewable energy, we also provide you with tailor-made financial solutions. Check out our green services to find the right energy transition solution for you. 


Our green offers to support your transition towards sustainability

Whatever your needs, our customized green solutions enable you to contribute actively to the energy transition in line with your business needs.