Our commitment 

ENGIE aims to transform the physical world of energy through digital technology, by providing our clients with the best digital tools to access our energy services and support them in making their own digital transformation a success.   

We are at the beginning of a new industrial revolution, one that is extending the impact of digitalization on our daily lives. New technologies such as blockchain and the Internet of Things are blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds. ENGIE aims to harness these technologies to connect the physical world of energy with the digital world, improving the quality of the energy services we offer our clients. 

So ENGIE has made digitalization a top priority in order to bring its benefits straight to you. Through our client platforms, we offer you a quick and convenient medium to access our products, offers, short-term gas services and energy markets. We also help you better manage your full supply contracts through customized dashboards 


From commitment to action 

We have put digital innovation at the heart of our strategy and offer you a growing range of e-services, such as digital platforms, API solutions, web applications and blockchain services / Blockchain Energy Bridge that offer maximum customization, transparency, convenience and reliability. These e-services allow you to optimize your energy portfolio to make the most of your energy investments.  

ENGIE is committed to being a leader in the energy transition. We not only provide our clients with green energy but we also develop innovative technological solutions to support them in their energy transition