Triple-Award for ENGIE on zero-carbon solutions and market shaping

ENGIE wins “Electricity House of the Year”, “Environmental Products House of the Year” and “Natural Gas & LNG House of the Year” at the Energy Risk Awards -  a great reward for our teams striving to facilitate  energy markets and support our clients in their green commitments, all over the world.

Winning Electricity House 3 years in a row confirms our role as a global reference green midstreamer. The jury notably underlined our power purchase agreements (PPAs), among other including our deal with LHOIST for a blockchain-certified green energy contract, a 12-year PPA deal with Microsoft in the US and wind PPA deal with Google in Europe.

Our historical risk management and industrial expertise added to the financial stability of our Group form the successful ingredients of such PPAs, enabling us to take part of our clients’ risks on a very long-term or shorter basis and competitively match both parts of the value chain needs.  

The recognition of our environmental products further signs the relevance of our green strategy. It acknowledges our teams’ constant care to meet our clients’ growing expectations about green certification, with products such as The Energy Origin (TEO), a blockchain-based green proofing platform or a new environmental standard created from scratch for L’Oréal in China.

Along with the strong increase in our green business, our teams have been very active on gas.  For ENGIE, it is the best partner of renewables and it is essential to ensure the success of the energy transition. Being awarded by Energy Risk Natural Gas and LNG house of the Year recognizes our performance in providing clients with competitive supply while boosting the development of gas markets worldwide.

2019 highlights notably include our developments from Eastern to Southern Europe, with among other an LNG deal linking Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain. Our contract with Sonatrach is another major achievement, connecting Southern Europe and Africa.

Such dynamic activity among other reflects the successful LNG midstream business model launched from APAC, region which is the largest source for demand in LNG and expected to remain the largest driver for growth.

Finally, Energy Risk jury also pointed out our dynamic digital transformation, which contributed to giving the final touch for these 3 fiercely contended awards.

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