We offer consulting and financial solutions for your energy projects. We help you achieve your sustainable energy ambitions, whatever their scope or scale. 

Our team of energy specialists is spread across the world, making us both global and local. Through our extensive network, we tailor our services to your needs and in step with rapidly shifting energy markets, both mature and emerging.  


What we offer

From increasing on-site sustainability and improving energy security to generating additional revenue through flexible consumption, we help you accelerate your energy transition and optimize your energy production.

By 2050, wind power is expected to generate up to 18% of global power and solar electricity could supply up to a quarter of the world’s demand. As an energy-transition leader in Europe, we can guide you in the creation of a full green-energy production site.   

What drives us

The possibilities are exciting, even in the midst of economically challenging circumstances. That’s why we offer financing solutions adapted to your needs, including co-investment opportunities such as equity and financing, with potential long-term off-take contracts to improve the bankability of your project.  

No matter what your goals or where you are, we can help you turn your energy policy into a competitive advantage for your business. 

Our offers

Energy efficiency solutions
Energy efficiency solutions
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