Direct sales of renewable assets on the wholesale market require now real-time management of the energy market. As experts in this field, we offer a wide range of services to support you and guarantee your income. Discover below our standard products for your renewable assets.

Assets under subsidy mechanism

Belgium | Endex e-average management fee

In addition to the received market price a minimum fee for traded certificates applies in Belgium. This charge for green certificates safeguards a basic return on your green assets.

France | M0 management fee

In France, green power producers formerly operating under the subsidy mechanism sell now directly on the wholesale market. While the former scheme guaranteed automatic sales at a fixed price, now a management and an energy premium complete the market sale ensuring a stable remuneration on the long-term. The M0 management fee includes both the balancing risk and the delta between the captured value of the park versus the market reference price.

Germany | Marktwerke management fee

In Germany, a variable management premium completes the sale on the market at the market price. It also includes the balancing risk management to secure your revenues.

Netherlands | SDE+ management fee

The SDE+ (Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie) is an operating grant. Producers in the Netherlands receive a financial compensation for their renewable production. Due to market forces the cost price of renewable energy can be higher than the market price, this difference in price is called the unprofitable component. SDE+ compensates producers for this unprofitable component for a fixed number of years, depending on the technology used. We offer SDE+ contracts to secure your revenues on your green assets.


Assets out of subsidy mechanism

For your renewable assets operating outside any subsidy mechanism, we provide you remuneration schemes on fixed or floating prices. Our floating price models include: Hourly Day Ahead Indexation (EPEXSpot, APX, Belpex), Averaging on market reference prices (ICE Endex and EEX), Clickables on either market reference prices.


Management services

By paying for the availability of the means of production and the demand response, the capacity mechanism encourages the actors of the electricity system to maintain and develop at the best cost the production necessary to ensure security of supply. As part of an aggregation contract, we undertake to register you in order to receive certificates of capacity and guarantee of origins, issued by the regulator. Capacity mechanism is an opportunity to take the best advantage of your available capacity:

- Unique expertise along the entire power value chain with know-how from production to trading and portfolio management.

- Integration and optimization of power assets to create added-value for green energy                                                        

- Reporting Remit

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